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Turnkey Test-bed with Utilities

Turnkey Test-bed with Utilities TH

Turnkey Test-bed with Utilities

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Our turnkey engine test beds are the epitome of optimized design, offering a comprehensive solution that includes Acoustic Enclosures and a range of essential services. These services encompass Ventilation System, Test Cell Exhaust and Engine Exhaust Extraction System, Cooling Tower, Water, Air, Fuel, Compressed-Air, Fire alarm, and Extinguishing system, all seamlessly integrated for a cohesive and efficient testing environment.

With our turnkey platform, you have the capability to effortlessly mine, analyze, and validate the acquired and calculated data. This empowers engine manufacturers with the valuable insights necessary for optimizing performance, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall engine quality.

Our expertise lies in the development and manufacturing of customized engine test cells that are meticulously designed to meet the specific and unique requirements of engine testing.

Scope of Project

  • Eddy current Dynamometer with all accessories Power range: – 20 KW to 1000 KWTorque range: – Up to 3500 NmRPM range: – As per engine requirement
  • Digital Dyno Controller (DDC) with 3 Mode Dynamometer Controller
  • Engine Cranking system
  • Automated engine docking system
  • Multi-connection Match-plate for test bed with mountings.
  • Coolant Conditioning & circulation unit
  • Fuel Conditioning Unit
  • Intercoolers
  • Power steering circulation system
  • Fuel Measurement System
  • Exhaust back pressure with valve with controller.
  • Sensors & DAQ System
  • Computerized Test System with IPC & DMC Software.
  • Test cell power distribution
  • Installation, commissioning & training responsibility.
  • Acoustic canopy includesSound isolation Air handling system Auto Fire Protection System – Detection & Extinguishing Water Circulation System
  • Y conveyor setup It has a unique design which streamlines the engine testing process and enhances productivity. Y Conveyor Setup revolutionizes the way engines are transported and tested, optimizing throughput, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall testing efficiency.

Tests performed

  • Performance test
  • Durability test
  • Functionality test
  • Endurance test
  • Emission test
  • Injected Fuel Quantity
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Smoke Measurement
  • NVH test
  • Engine speed and torque
  • VVT (Variable Valve timing)


  • Versatile Engine Compatibility
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Realistic Operating Conditions
  • Integrated Fuel and Air Supply Systems
  • Comprehensive Emission Analysis
  • Precise Dynamometers
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Tools
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Scalability and Future-Proof Design
  • Comprehensive Support and Training
  • Reliability and Quality Assurance


  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Universal test beds for production performance
  • Research & Development testing
  • Commercial engines
  • Genset application
  • Farm equipment
  • Specialized Engines
  • Marine Engines
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