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Eddy Current Dynamometer

Eddy Current Dynamometer Th

Eddy Current Dynamometer

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The Eddy Current Dynamometers offered by Dynomerk are advanced dry gap type rotor machines, available with single or twin rotors. These dynamometers possess inherent bi-directional operation capabilities.
One of the key advantages of our dry gap eddy current dynamometers is their exceptionally wide performance characteristics. They offer a broad speed range relative to power, making them suitable for both low and high-speed engines with similar maximum power requirements.
With a dry gap unit, the rotor’s movement is primarily opposed by bearing friction and minimal windage effects. By reducing excitation to zero, we can achieve nearly no-load conditions across the entire speed range. This unique characteristic has enabled us to meet diverse and increasingly stringent global standards mandated by legislation.

Standard Package

  • Eddy Current Dynamometer with a Base Frame for secure mounting
  • Dynamometer Cooling System equipped with safety features such as Pressure Switch, Flow Switch, Loss Plate Temperature measurement sensor, Bearing Temperature sensor, Load Cell for Torque measurement, and Magnetic Pickup sensor for RPM measurement.
  • Magnetic water filter assembly
  • Propeller Shaft and Guard
  • Calibration Accessories including Extension Arms, Pans, Counter Weights, and slotted or hexagonal.

Optional Package

  • Dynamometer Controller
  • Engine Throttle Controller
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems

Technical Specifications

Model NumberTorque Range (Nm @ RPM)Power Range (kW @ RPM)RotationRotor Inertia
EC 5091 Nm @ 1500 to 550050 kW @ 5500 to 10000Bi-directional0.025 Kgm²
EC 80135 Nm @ 1500 to 550080 kW @ 5500 to 1000Bi-directional0.0375 Kgm²
EC 100175 Nm @ 1500 to 55000 100 kW @ 5500 to 10000Bi-directional0.1216 Kgm²
EC 120286 Nm @ 1500 to 4000120 kW @ 4000 to 8000Bi-directional0.1428 Kgm²
EC 150415 Nm @ 1500 to 3500150 kW @ 3500 to 8000Bi-directional0.1859 Kgm²
EC 250720 Nm @ 1000 to 3000250 kW @ 3000 to 6000Bi-directional0.5432 Kgm²
EC 3001200 Nm @ 1000 to 3000300 kW @ 3000 to 6000Bi-directional0.6 Kgm²
EC 3501500 Nm @ 1000 to 2600350 kW @2600 to 6000Bi-directional0.6215 Kgm²
EC 5001700 Nm @ 1500 to 3000500 kW @ 3000 to 5000Bi-directional1.47 Kgm²
EC 200 TR (Twin Rotor)1200 Nm @ 1000 to 3000300 kW @ 3000 to 6000Bi-directional0.44 Kgm²
EC 300 TR (Twin Rotor)1700 Nm @ 1000 to 3000500 kW @ 3000 to 5000Bi-directional1.4 Kgm²
EC 440 TR (Twin Rotor)2200 Nm @ 1000 to 3000700 kW @ 3000 to 5000Bi-directional1.4 Kgm²


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