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Hot Firing Test Bench

Hot Firing Test Bench Th

Hot Firing Test Bench

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Our Hot Firing Test Benches play a crucial role in the engine assembly process, ensuring the highest standards of quality before engines are integrated into vehicles. These advanced test benches are specifically designed to perform comprehensive evaluations, covering key aspects such as engine cranking, starting, and various performance parameters.

With precision engineering, our Hot Firing Test Benches verify engine integrity by conducting rigorous examinations for leaks, oil pressure, abnormal noise, clutch and gear shift mechanisms, and electrical output from the magneto. These assessments instill confidence in the engine’s quality and functionality, guaranteeing that it meets the stringent requirements before deployment.

For enhanced testing capabilities, our Firing Test Benches can be customized with loading arrangements such as AC Dynamometers, tailored to specific project needs. Our highly automated test benches excel at handling engine operations, including engine handling, mounting, filling, starting, and conducting the necessary sequence of tests. This automation ensures fast cycle time, efficiency, accuracy, and reliable results throughout the testing process.

Standard package

  • Firing Test bed
  • Engine mounting fixtures
  • AC Dynamometer, regenerative type
  • Driveline components
  • Automation for adapting Engine Exhaust system, Engine Holding system, Throttle engagement system
  • Control Automation system
  • Host PC and Data Acquisition System

Optional package

  • Electrical Harness check system
  • Engine Coolant System
  • Fuel Supply system and Fire safety
  • Automatic Lubrication system
  • Ventilation and Cooling Systems
  • Acoustic Enclosures

Tests performed

  • Idling rpm
  • Engine Cranking through Starter Motor
  • Electrical Component Test
  • Engine Noise At Idling Speed & During Trials
  • Engine Power at Different Speed & Throttle Position
  • Engine Power Test-Part Throttle
  • Maximum Speed
  • Maximum Power Test – WOT( Wide open throttle)
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