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Transient Dynamometer

Transient Dynamometer ftrd

Transient Dynamometer

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The Transient Dynamometer represents a cutting-edge engine testing solution designed to accurately and reliably measure engine performance in real-world driving scenarios.

Equipped with engine torque pulse simulation, a high-performance data acquisition system, a low-inertia high-performance AC motor, regenerative motor drive, and a robust and dependable design, this equipment offers optimal engine performance and behavior optimization across various applications.

Its user-friendly software further enhances its usability. Automotive manufacturers, research institutions, and engine tuning companies will find this equipment to be an invaluable asset.

We proudly offer three versions of this product

  • Regular Transient Testing Version: Ideal for conducting standard transient testing and obtaining precise performance measurements.
  • High Dynamic Testing Coupled to Output Shaft Version: Specifically designed for high dynamic testing, this version provides advanced features coupled with output shaft capability, enabling comprehensive analysis of engine behavior in dynamic conditions.
  • High Dynamic Testing Coupled to Crankshaft Version: With all the features of the transient dynamometer, this version also includes vehicle simulation capabilities. It allows for an in-depth study of high dynamic effects on component aging and ECU performance.

These high dynamic dynamometers provide comprehensive testing capabilities and enable the study of various dynamic effects on engine components and electronic control unit (ECU) performance.

Key Features available in our transient dyno

  • Engine Torque Pulse Simulation: Simulate and measure the engine’s torque output under transient conditions to optimize performance, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions during real-world driving.
  • High-Performance Data Acquisition: Capture and analyze crucial engine parameters, including speed, torque, and air/fuel ratio, during transient conditions. This data aids in optimizing engine behavior and performance across various driving scenarios.


  • Power: 50kW To 350 kW.
  • Speed: 2700 To 12000 RPM high measuring accuracy of 0.1% FS.
  • Fast response IGBT control for good transient load response.
  • High dynamic engine mounting base.
  • Torque rise time: less than 0.5 ms
  • Drivetrain oscillation simulated up to 300Hz.


  • Precise measurement of engine performance in real-world driving conditions.
  • Optimization of engine performance, enhanced fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.
  • High-performance data acquisition system for accurate and dependable measurements.
  • Low-inertia, high-performance AC motor ensuring excellent response, load control, and accuracy.
  • Regenerative motor drive for load stability, transient capabilities, and a wide speed range.
  • Robust and reliable design built to withstand extreme operating conditions.


  • Engine Testing with Vehicle Simulation
  • Steady State engine testing
  • Engine Mapping
  • Power Measurement
  • Very high dynamic durability testing
  • ECU parameterization tests along with its performance under high dynamic conditions
  • Emission measurement by conducting drive cycles like IDC
  • PowerTrain performance testing
  • PowerTrain design and optimization
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