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WebPRO: Software for Centralised Data Management System (CDMS)


WebPRO: Software for Centralised Data Management System (CDMS)

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The Dynomerk Centralised Data Management System CDMS platform provides a centralised solution for monitoring testing data, which can be easily accessed from any computer connected to the corporate network. The application facilitates the creation of various vehicle models, with all necessary parameters and assigned pass/fail criteria as applicable. Additionally, the platform includes a scheduler and a browser, providing a seamless approach to data management. Owing to an efficient, centralised data management system, the data redundancy is minimal as all the data is stored in a single location. The report browser enables users to design and generate customised and standard reports, with all required data and fields included. By utilising this comprehensive platform, organisations can effectively manage and analyse their testing data in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Features & Benefits

  • Prepare all your tests at one location
  • Sync it on all test beds
  • Having the data stored in a single physical location helps preserve data integrity. Maximised Data Integrity, helps in quickly resolving test bed to test bed issues.
  • Centralize reports – you can access from any machine connected to the network
  • Ease of training / helps in audits
  • Enhanced security
  • Well organised Access control

webPRO: Centralised Data Management System

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