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FlashPRO: Software for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) Flashing


FlashPRO: Software for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) Flashing

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The Dynomerk flashPro suite of solutions facilitates the downloading of a software code into the hardware of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) during the engineering and manufacturing phases, as well as in the assembly shop.
This process can be conducted either online, with direct ECU flashing which is the process of installing or updating Data stream on an ECU, commonly referred to as “flashing” and is an essential process that transforms ECU hardware into a fully functional controller prior to being assembled into a vehicle, or offline by pre-flashing the ECUs in advance, all done with ease and efficiency.
The average flashing time for an ECU can vary between one to three minutes, and most of this time doesn’t require active inputs from an operator. Once the new software has been flashed, it’s common to verify that the process completed successfully through CAN communication.
Furthermore, the architecture of the system is designed to adapt to changing environments, with direct ECU access that can successfully manage the emerging challenges posed by performance, data sizes, processes, and security concerns.
The system also allows for parallel flashing of multiple ECUs. DMC designed and programmed a test stand capable of flashing up to four ECUs at a time. Heavy-duty multi-signal connectors located in the back of the test stand provide the necessary connections for power and communication to each ECU thus making it an efficient solution.



  • HEX file flashing
  • VIN flashing
  • IQA Flashing
  • Injector Code Scanning (Barcode)
  • Decoding of IQA from Injector Code


  • CAN 2.0
  • SAE J1939
  • ISO 14230 (UDS)
  • ISO 15765


  • USB 2.0
  • RS 422
  • CAN
  • ETH


  • ECU Flashing is done within seconds after Barcode Scanning
  • Fast retrofitting of software functions
  • Scalable solution architecture for maximum performance and flexibility
  • High-quality, robust solutions adapted to the respective application
  • Easy integration of sequences once developed into further applications
  • Online DTC Monitoring
  • Online ECU Parameter Monitoring
  • Immediate Reports with Barcode printing


  • EOL Engine testing
  • EOL Vehicle testing
  • EOL electric vehicle testing
  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting

Features of Application

  • Well designed software application
  • Organised in modular architecture
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Event logging for easy troubleshooting
  • Flexible and extensible
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