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Production and EOL Testing

Production and EOL Testing TH LP

Production and EOL Testing

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Dynomerk Controls takes pride in introducing our cutting-edge end-of-line chassis dyno—an indigenous and field-proven regenerative chassis dyno that sets new industry standards. Designed to optimize your production process and ensure uncompromising quality, our chassis dyno delivers unparalleled performance and precision.
Our end-of-line chassis dyno is the ultimate solution for evaluating vehicles at the final stage of production. It provides a comprehensive assessment of crucial performance parameters, guaranteeing that vehicles meet the highest standards before they embark on the road.
This application of Chassis Dynamometer or Vehicle Dyno is specifically valuable for manufacturing plants of motorcycle OEMs and their tier suppliers, serving various purposes such as production performance and functionality testing (End-of-Line chassis dyno) or quality assurance.
Experience the reliability and excellence of Dynomerk’s EOL Chassis Dyno, the industry-leading solution for optimizing production performance and ensuring top-quality vehicles.


Vehicle Category2 Wheeler3 Wheeler4 Wheeler
Vehicle TypeGasoline EV / HEV / BEVGasoline Diesel / CNG EV / HEV / BEVGasoline Diesel / CNG EV / HEV / BEV
Roller Configuration1 x 1 ; 1 x 2 ; 2 x 1 ; 2 x 21 x 1 ; 2 x 1 ; 2 x 22 x 1 ; 2 x 2 ; 4 x 1 ; 4 x 2
Wheelbase Range1200 – 1800 mm1200 – 1800 mm1800 – 2800 mm
Rear WheelSingle Contact/Double Contact
Clamping, Lifting, Anti-skid
Single Contact/Double Contact
Clamping, Lifting, Anti-skid
Single Contact/Double Contact
Clamping, Lifting, Anti-skid
Front wheelSingle Contact/Double Contact
Clamping, Lifting, Anti-skid
Single Contact/Double Contact
Clamping, Lifting, Anti-skid
Single Contact/Double Contact
Clamping, Lifting, Anti-skid
Roller surfaceSmooth/Grooved/Rough(coated)Smooth/Grooved/Rough(coated)Smooth/Grooved/Rough(coated)
Roller Diameter10” / 12”10” / 12”12.5” / 24”
InertiaMechanical + Simulated ElectricalMechanical + Simulated ElectricalMechanical + Simulated Electrical
Inertia Range90 – 300 Kg750 – 1500 Kg1000 – 4500 Kg
DynamometerAC ServoAC ServoAC Servo
Dynamometer Power (kW)From 22kW to 80kWFrom 22kW to 80kWFrom 22kW to 80kW
Dynamometer Test Speed (kmph)0 to 200 kmph0 to 200 kmph0 to 200 kmph
Torque SensorsTorque Flange, LoadcellTorque Flange, LoadcellTorque Flange, Loadcell

Standard Package

  • AC Motoring Dynamometer
  • Roller Assembly – Driving Roller + Following Roller
  • Vehicle restraint systems: wheel clamping units, anti-skidding units
  • TestPRO – Dynomerk’s proprietary testing software
  • ECU or MCU integration

Optional Package

  • Climatic Chambers
  • Acoustic canopies
  • Ventilation systems

Tests Performed

  • Speedometer, Cruise control
  • ABS Brake Test
  • RLS – max power, max acceleration
  • Wide Open Throttle (WOT)
  • Head lamp test


  • Enhanced Road Load Simulation: Our chassis dyno excels in replicating real-world driving conditions, enabling accurate assessment of vehicle power, torque, emissions, battery performance and other critical performance metrics with exceptional precision.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed for effortless integration into your existing production line, our chassis dyno features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free testing process. It offers easy configurability with third-party devices, further enhancing its compatibility.
  • Flexibility for All Development Stages: Whether you’re testing prototypes, fine-tuning production models, or conducting quality checks, our chassis dyno’s modular design and adaptable configurations cater to diverse development stages, requirements, and budgets. It provides the flexibility necessary for comprehensive testing throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Reliable and Accurate Data: With state-of-the-art sensors and advanced data acquisition systems, our chassis dyno delivers reliable and precise measurements. This empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize vehicle performance based on accurate data insights.
  • Safety as a Priority: Safety is at the core of our design. Our chassis dyno features high automation to meet short cycle times while maintaining robust safety measures. Emergency stop mechanisms and fail-safe protocols are in place to ensure the well-being of operators and the integrity of the testing process.
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