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Service Category: Engine Testing System

Transient Dynamometer ftrd

Transient Dynamometer

Overview The Transient Dynamometer represents a cutting-edge engine testing solution designed to accurately and reliably measure engine performance in real-world driving scenarios. Equipped with engine torque pulse simulation, a high-performance data acquisition system, a low-inertia high-performance AC motor, regenerative motor drive,…

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Cold Firing Test Bench TH

Cold Firing Test Bench

Overview An advanced solution for comprehensive engine performance analysis. This state-of-the-art tool offers a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional hot firing tests. By analyzing engine waveforms without combustion, the Cold Firing Test Bench compares them with patterns of a perfect…

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Hot Firing Test Bench Th

Hot Firing Test Bench

Overview Our Hot Firing Test Benches play a crucial role in the engine assembly process, ensuring the highest standards of quality before engines are integrated into vehicles. These advanced test benches are specifically designed to perform comprehensive evaluations, covering key aspects…

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Eddy Current Dynamometer Th

Eddy Current Dynamometer

Overview The Eddy Current Dynamometers offered by Dynomerk are advanced dry gap type rotor machines, available with single or twin rotors. These dynamometers possess inherent bi-directional operation capabilities.One of the key advantages of our dry gap eddy current dynamometers is their…

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Turnkey Test-bed with Utilities TH

Turnkey Test-bed with Utilities

Overview Our turnkey engine test beds are the epitome of optimized design, offering a comprehensive solution that includes Acoustic Enclosures and a range of essential services. These services encompass Ventilation System, Test Cell Exhaust and Engine Exhaust Extraction System, Cooling Tower,…

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