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testPRO: Software and Controls


testPRO: Software and Controls

Our testPRO software and control automation for test beds provides real-time data acquisition, analysis, and visualization capabilities, allowing for precise control and monitoring.

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testPRO is a cutting-edge software, control, automation, and communication system offered by Dynomerk Controls. Specifically designed for vehicle testing using Dyno Machines, testPRO (V/E/M) serves as the control system for conducting tests on our dyno test stands. The software, developed endogenously by Dynomerk Controls, is built on a dotNET platform and employs a PLC-based automation and control system.
With testPRO, our dyno test stands can be seamlessly controlled and configured for various applications, including Vehicle, Engine, and Motor testing. The software suite offers a comprehensive range of features, including on-screen analog and digital gauges, graphical displays, and complete test cell control options, transforming your Windows-equipped PC into an advanced dynamometer lab console.
Dynomerk’s transmission testing solutions come in a range of assemblies to meet customer requirements.
testPRO takes a structured approach to the entire testing process by providing intuitive test design, configuration, and convenient test-data management. It offers a user-friendly computer interface that seamlessly integrates with the dynamometer’s electronic hardware system. The software suite also offers various test modes, allowing for comprehensive performance testing of the Unit under test, including road load simulated conditions on the dynamometer.
With a network bus-system for efficient data transfer, testPRO ensures a streamlined control system that requires minimal wiring. It empowers users with quick and easy test execution, comprehensive data analysis, and convenient reporting capabilities. Experience the power and convenience of testPRO software control for unparalleled dynamometer testing and analysis.


  • Manufacturer-independent device integration
  • Easy integration of new drivers through add-in
  • Open programming


  • Throttle controller
  • DAQ
  • Third party device integration ( API creation)
  • Smoke Measurement/Analysers, Lambda
  • Fuel Flow Measurement
  • ECU data via CAN, DBC File reading
  • Fuel Conditioning, Coolant Conditioning
  • Barcode scanning for traceability
  • Manufacturer-independent PLC Controllers
  • High Speed data logging up to 1ms
  • Standard 50 ms data logging available
  • Centrally located DataBase Management System (webPRO)
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