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ADAS Calibration Systems


ADAS Calibration Systems

An end-of-line solution that ensures that ADAS systems are correctly installed and calibrated that ensures optimal performance and safety.

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Dynomerk offers an advanced ADAS Calibration and Verification system that ensures the proper functioning of vehicle cameras, radar sensors that are associated with Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Automatic HeadLights (AHL), Over Speed Prevention (OSP), Traffic Signal Recognition (TSR), and Distance Warning (DW).

Additionally, our ADAS Calibration system is capable of verifying the accuracy and effectiveness of the vehicle’s radar system that detects moving objects located in the front, side & rear of the vehicle.

Our ADAS and SVS Calibration Equipment is engineered to meet the most stringent customer expectations for accuracy, precision, and reliability.

SAE has established a hierarchy of six levels of autonomy, ranging from level zero, which involves no autonomy and is limited to vehicles up to level 5, which represents complete self-driving or autonomous capabilities.

Passive ADAS Systems

Passive ADAS systems provide real-time information about the driving environment and use a human-machine interface (HMI) to alert the driver about potential risks.

The computer recognizes hazardous situations and signals the driver to take necessary precautions to prevent accidents caused by these circumstances.

The data is conveyed in three modes: visual, auditory, and haptic.

Active ADAS Systems

Active ADAS is a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the safety and convenience of driving. These systems actively monitor the road and surrounding environment, detect potential hazards and assist the driver in critical situations.

These systems help prevent accidents, reduce driver fatigue, and improve overall road safety by actively intervening or providing alerts .

Active ADAS systems are a significant step towards achieving autonomous driving and creating a safer and more efficient transportation experience.

Our Solution

The ADAS & SVS Calibration solution offered by Dynomerk involves the positioning of the vehicle using the vehicle positioning system, for precise & accurate calibration of the sensors generally seen in this complex electronic system.

This calibration is critical for the proper functioning of systems that are reliant on speed and vehicle operation, such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), and Forward Collision Warning (FCW).


  • Vehicle Positioning system
  • Sensor target positioning system
  • Different targets and absorbers
  • Illumination intensity control system
  • Light Temperature control system


  • Mult-Model Compatibility
  • High speed (> 400mm/sec) positioning of calibration targets
  • High accuracy of positioning ( ± 1 mm to ± 5 mm)
  • Included capability for future expansion of sensor calibration system

Sensors covered

  • Ultrasonic
  • Imaging:3D CamerasVisible CamerasNight vision cameras
  • LiDAR: 3D mapping of surroundings mmW Radar:Long-range Radar: 77GHz Medium/Short-range Radar: 24.5GHz Front Camera 360 Camera

Vehicle Compatibility

  • Axle weight: 1500 kg per axle
  • Wheelbase: 2200mm to 3400mm
  • Track width: 1200mm to 1800mm


  • Vehicle R&D
  • Production End-of-Line
  • After Sales Service
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