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R&D Test Cell

R&D Test Cell TH

R&D Test Cell

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Our R&D Chassis Dynamometer is a high quality and versatile tool specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of automotive research and development. Our dynamometer system empowers engineers, researchers, and manufacturers to conduct comprehensive and accurate testing of vehicles under controlled laboratory conditions, facilitating crucial advancements in vehicle performance, emissions, and efficiency.
The R&D Chassis Dynamometer ensures precise and repeatable testing by providing a controlled environment that allows for accurate measurement and analysis of vehicle performance parameters. This enables researchers to generate reliable data for performance evaluation and optimization.
Ideal for research and development centers, as well as manufacturing plants of vehicle OEMs and their tier suppliers, the R&D Chassis dyno offers specialized capabilities to meet the requirements of R&D activities, including vehicle mileage accumulation, fuel efficiency analysis, emissions measurement, EV range testing, and EV battery performance evaluation.


  • Supports all major Indian, US, European, and Japanese driving cycles and guidelines
  • Effortless and intuitive setup for rapid data accessibility
  • Modular testing concept to accommodate diverse development stages, needs, and budgets
  • Optional add-ons available, such as Climatic Chamber for environmental testing and acoustic Canopy for noise reduction
  • Equipped with robotic throttle and advanced control systems


Vehicle Category2 Wheeler3 Wheeler4 Wheeler
Vehicle TypePEV / HEV / BEV GasolinePEV / HEV / BEV Gasoline / CNG DieselPEV / HEV / BEV Gasoline Diesel
ApplicationR&D Centres, QA, Test & Research LabsR&D Centres, QA, Test & Research LabsR&D Centres, QA, Test & Research Labs
Wheelbase Range (mm)1200 – 1800 mm2100 – 2400 mm2100 – 2800 mm
Roller Configuration1 x 11 x 1 ; 2 x 12 x 1 ; 4 x 1
Rear WheelSingle ContactSingle ContactSingle Contact
Front wheelClampedOn Roller, Single ContactOn Roller, Single Contact
InertiaMechanical + Simulated ElectricalMechanical + Simulated ElectricalMechanical + Simulated Electrical
Inertia Range90 – 300 Kg750 – 1500 Kg1000 – 4500 Kg
DynamometerAC ServoAC ServoAC Servo
Dynamometer Power (kW)50kW and Upwards50kW and Upwards50kW and Upwards
Roller Diameter24” / 36”24” / 36”24” / 36” / 42 ” / 48 ”
Roller SurfaceGrooved/Smooth/Rough(Coated)Grooved/Smooth/Rough(Coated)Grooved/Smooth/Rough(Coated)
Torque SensorsTorque FlangeTorque FlangeTorque Flange

Test Modes

Test ModesQAR&D
Warm-Up The test helps to reduce the friction in the rotating components like roller bearings etc.
Base Inertia Verification It is used to verify the mechanical inertia and calculate Dyno losses forces.
Vehicle Calibration It is used to calculate vehicle wheel inertia and vehicle losses.
WOT (Speed & Force Control) Used to verify the vehicle power at different wheels
RLS-Performance, Acceleration, Endurance
RLS-Driver’s Aid
Coast Down Used for inertia simulation verification
ECU, VCU, MCU, BMS Integration
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