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Transmission Testing System

Transmission Testing System TH New

Transmission Testing System

A turn-key transmission testing solution with accurate replication of inertia simulations and precise speed synchronization, enabling real-world road load simulation on the complete powertrain outside of the vehicle.

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Dynomerk Controls specializes in providing turnkey transmission testing solutions that accurately simulate real-world road load conditions on the complete powertrain outside of the vehicle. Our test systems incorporate all the necessary hardware and software components, including the latest motor/drive technologies, to ensure precise speed synchronization between powertrain inputs and outputs.
Our transmission testing solutions offer a range of main features that make them ideal for testing a variety of applications, including passenger vehicles, light and medium trucks, marine, industrial vehicles, tow motors and forklifts, ATV, agricultural vehicles, and racing.

Some of the key features include:

  • Independent control of powertrain accessories
  • Comprehensive data collection:
  • High level of expertise and experience
Dynomerk’s transmission testing solutions come in a range of assemblies to meet customer requirements.

Standard Package

  • Different power units as per customer requirements, consisting of the AC motor, matching gearbox, speed/torque measurement and mounting frame (motor/generator)
  • Control Software & Automation system
  • Power and signal cabling

Optional Package

  • Lift and swivel mounting frame for power units
  • Mounting frame for test pieces
  • Couplings, adapters
  • Additional load application units
  • UUT (Unit under Test) conditioning
  • Special measurement technology
  • UUT (Unit under Test) measuring box
  • Feed and regenerative transformer
  • Sound insulation (power units/overall system)
  • Floor plate, vibration-isolated foundation
  • Efficient test sequences and evaluations
  • Server integration

Tests Performed

Performance Tests

  • Durability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Efficiency testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Environment Testing
  • Noise & vibration test

Different Unit Under Test

  • 2WD FF/ FR Driveline or Powertrain
  • 4WD Driveline or Powertrain
  • Transmission (AT / MT / TF / Differential)
  • EV HEV Axles


  • The available analog outputs enable users to define their own controls, such as the control of a heat exchanger valve, providing greater flexibility.
  • The system includes a utility that allows users to install and calibrate new transducers as needed
  • The systems are upgradeable to test transmissions with CAN Communication, providing greater compatibility with modern transmission systems.
  • The Automated Testing Mode is standard with the base system, enabling automated testing processes for improved efficiency.
  • The system allows users to print and save data, providing a comprehensive record of test results.
  • With remote access capability, technicians can troubleshoot and provide technical support to customers by accessing their Control PC via modem, ensuring prompt and effective support.


  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Railway
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