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AC Induction Motor Testing

AC Induction Motor Testing TH LP

AC Induction Motor Testing

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Poly phase AC induction motor test systems are dedicated testing solutions utilised for the evaluation of motors typically utilised in various industrial applications such as conveyor systems, pumps, and compressors. Motor testing is conducted by utilising computer-supported equipment or tools that monitor trends within the motor to evaluate its integrity. The primary purpose of motor testing is to identify efficiency losses and issues to prevent any potential failure.


  • Motor Type AC Induction Motor
  • Frame Size Up to 400 Frame Size (Foot /Face Mounting)
  • kW Range Up to 500 kW
  • Polarity 2,4,6,8
  • Phases 3 Phase / 1 Phase
  • Voltage Range 0 to 690 V Ac
  • Frequency 50 / 60Hz

Tests Performed

  • Efficiency test
  • Load test
  • Locked rotor test
  • No-load test (calculation of three-phase current unbalance)
  • Temperature rise test (vibration, noise, etc.)
  • DC resistance measurement (calculation of three-phase resistance unbalance)
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Power frequency withstand voltage test
  • Stator Winding Temperature Rise by resistance method
  • Dynamometer Torque Correction
  • Core Loss / Friction & Windage Loss/ Stray Loss
  • Correlation Coefficient γ (Gama) Efficiency Calculations at different Load Points

Testing Standards

  • IEEE112
  • CSA Standard-C 390
  • IS 12615 2018
  • IEC 60034-1: 2014


  • AC Asynchronous Dynamometer with customised speed-torque characteristics for various UUT Motors like.
  • Four-Quadrant Operation/Braking.
  • Close loop controls for Speed & Torque
  • Input Power Supply as per standards requirement
  • Automation for UUT motor handling and rigging with Test Bed
  • Centralised Data Monitoring & Analysis
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